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  • #89-Listen to This if You Need to Get Your Life Together with Eddie Slowkowski

    3 minutes and 58 seconds. That is the amount of time it took Eddie Slowikowski to run the mile. Whether it’s as a Gold Medal winner for the USA Track & Field Team, a 3-time NCAA All-American, or a highly sought after dynamic professional speaker, Eddie knows a thing or two about peak […]

  • #88-How to THRIVE and Build an Empire in Your 20's with Meghan Johnson

    Meg Johnson is a mindset and motivation coach that helps determined twenty-something women to master their mindsets and break through their mental barriers so that they can achieve success in their personal and working lives. Meg works with individuals to help them RESET their minds by supporting […]

  • #87-The MAXX Method with Christy Maxy

    After 20 years as a therapist in private practice Christy Maxey wanted to reach a larger audience. In working with thousands of people she saw a universal problem that we don’t know how to love ourselves and we don’t know how to manage our emotions. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and […]

  • #86-Reinventing Your Mindset and Changing Your Life with Lynda Cormier

    Lynda is one of the most sought-after Personal Development Speakers, Coaches and Business Executives today. She is both the published author and facilitator of the award-winning Breakthrough Living Personal Development/Coaching Program, the creator of the Roots and Wings Initiative that […]